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For most of their life, individuals often tend to avoid their anxious habits instead of working through them. Not only does this impact their mental well-being in a negative manner, but it also creates the foundation for an unhappy life.


We're here to help change this narrative.

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Does this sound like you?👇🏽

➡️ You're always trying to mask your feelings.

➡️ You're hit by sudden waves of panic.

➡️ You often find yourself overthinking.

➡️ You don't understand how but you often experience sudden pangs of sadness.

➡️ You're not sure if it's okay to open up to someone about your feelings.

➡️ You feel confused about why certain situations make you anxious.


If you said yes to one or more of the statements above,


You Need This!



About The Creator

Hey there, I'm JaCarie Owens - your friendly, neighborhood therapist. Now I could tell you about my educational qualifications (got tons of them, by the way) BUT here's the deal - you don't care about my certifications and frankly, I wouldn't either. What you need is someone who can speak your language and give you actionable steps without overwhelming you with technical terms and that's what I'm here for. 

Through my course Overcoming Anxiety, I have tried to curate exactly that experience. I'll be walking you step-by-step through the foundational understanding of your own anxious habits and how you can overcome them without losing your freaking mind over therapist lingo - I promise! 

"JaCarie is the best! She is so knowledgable, will tell it to you straight, and move toward progress."

- Jess


What's Inside?

Module One: Welcome to Overcoming Anxiety

While this course is self-paced, there is ample support available for you throughout. The introduction module will teach you how to make the most out of this course. 

Module Two: Understanding Anxiety - A Basic Breakdown

As a therapist, it honestly shocks me that how commonly misunderstood anxiety is, there are so many myths that surround it and most people can't even identify their own anxious habits, the second module of this course will walk you through the basics of anxiety to equip you with the foundational understanding.

Module Three: Anxiety Triggers - What, Why & How?

Now that you know what anxiety is from a generic perspective, it is now time to understand what anxiety looks like for you as an individual. Anxiety looks different for everyone which is why it is very important to know how it can attack you, that'll help you stay proactive.

Module Four: Action Steps to Tackle Anxiety - With Demonstrations

Awesome, you know what anxiety is and how it can impact you the most, now it's time to be sure that you are ready to tackle it. The fourth module walks you through action steps with demonstrations to ensure that you never let the feeling of panic get to you again.

Module Five: Creating an Anxiety Maintenance Routine - The Three-Step Sustainable Method

This is what makes this course unique from all the other ones out there. The internet is filled with cookie-cutter strategies, you don't need more of those. The goal of this course is to understand what works for you and then create a routine that'll help you deal with anxiety in a sustainable manner.


"Working with JaCarie has been life-changing. I’ve worked with other therapists in the past, but JaCarie’s counseling style and personality has been critical in helping me to commit to the process, as well as feel safe enough to address my needs with complete trust and vulnerability."

- Andrea

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Video Support + Resource Vault

The entire course comes with multiple video modules with illustrated slides for all our visual learners. Every module also comes with a worksheet based on the topic being discussed which will help you take instant action on what you've learned. 

Knowledge + Implementation


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